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Jamal Hamdan

Jamal Hamdan, (12 Shaban 1346H / February 4, 1928 AD - April 17, 1993 m) A Geography of Egyptian flags. His full name Mahmoud Saleh Jamal Hamdan, born in the village of Nai province Qalyubia.

His Writings

With what was written by Jamal Hamdan had received after his death, some of the attention it deserves, but those interested in thinking Jamal Hamdan poured their best to explain and clarify his genius geography, ignoring the brightest in the thought of Hamdan, is his ability to think strategically as they were not geography has not vision of an integrated strategy for the elements of each composition faculty, human and geographical and cultural vision of the configurations and factors of strength and weakness, he did not stop at the analysis of current events or phenomena District, but sought to put in the context of a broader and more comprehensive Odhu after my future as well. Therefore, Jamal Hamdan, suffered, such as peers of the leading strategic thinkers in the world, the inability of the community around them to absorb what they produce, as he often see a precedent for its age years, and here it becomes the time element is al-Faisal to rule over the genius of these strategists.

If we apply this standard time on the thought of Jamal Hamdan, surprised that this strategic possessed the ability of insight to anticipate the future armed with a deep understanding of the facts of history and awareness of the distinct facts of the present, in the sixties, and while the Soviet Union at the height of his glory, and crawl Communist Red proves feet north and south, I know Jamal Hamdan, his great insight that the disintegration of the Eastern bloc was inevitable, and that was in 1968, if predicted by the achieved after twenty one years, and specifically in 1989, where an earthquake that shook the pillars of Eastern Europe, and ended up with the collapse of stones Eastern bloc, and its spacing from the European Soviet Union, then the disintegration and collapse of the Soviet Union itself in 1991.

Exposing the lies of the Jews

Jamal Hamdan's lead in exposing the lie that the Jews present were descendants of the Israelites who came out of Palestine during the periods before birth, and has proved in his book "Jews Anthropology" published in 1967, the empirical evidence that the modern Jews who claim they belong to Palestine are not the descendants of Jews who left Palestine before the birth, but they belong to the empire of "Khazar Tatar," which has existed between the "Caspian Sea" and "Black Sea", and converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD, which was confirmed a decade later, "Arthur Koestler" author book the thirteenth tribe, which was released in 1976.

Is Jamal Hamdan, one of a group is very limited Muslim intellectuals who have succeeded in solving a difficult equation of employing their research and studies for the service of the nation, where it fought through a strategic vision and clear a fierce battle to refute the flimsy foundations on which the Zionist project in Palestine.

If the researcher, Dr. Abdul Wahab Messiri has succeeded through the efforts of enormous scholarly dismantling the intellectual foundations of Zionism, Jamal Hamdan was a pioneer in the demolition of statements anthropological, which is the most important foundations of the Zionist project, has proven that Israel - as a - a colonial phenomenon purely built on the rape of foreign invaders of the land have nothing to do with religious or historical, or sexually, pointing out that there are "Jewish" in history, veterans and talkative, not their any link anthropological, so that the Jews of "Palestine Torah" were after the exit of the two phenomena essential for 20 centuries of the Diaspora in the Diaspora: the emission of large numbers of them to become a non-Jewish, and the entry of batches of not less than the magnitude of Judaism from all races abroad, coupled with this Btzauj and the mixing of blood long-term, over the body's main Jewish modernists to be something different altogether from the Jews of old.

At a time when the Zionists are promoting themselves as advocates of the project a civilized democratic middle of an Arab Islamic retarded, did not fool the veneer of democracy Zionism misguided mentality shiny beauty of Hamdan, as he did not succumb to the voices of Arab Alzaakh that do not speak only screaming and wailing, and managed through the tools of research the court that exposes the fact of Israel, stressing that "Judaism is not and can not be a national of any concept of a sound political and knows all the political scientist, and although the Jews are not a sexually in any sense, but" Museum "neighborhood of each mixtures races in the world is also aware of all the anthropological, the Medina for themselves as a nation alleged plaintiff in an artificial country carved out of them and make Zionist movement is essentially racist. "

Although some have expressed surprise at claims the Zionist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the Palestinians recognize "Israel as a Jewish state", which is promoted by U.S. President George W. Bush at the Aqaba summit, the Jamal Hamdan revealed by about a third of a century that fact sectarian purely for the Zionist project, and a description in his book "The strategy of colonialism and liberation" of Israel as "a religious state, purely based on the compilation of the Jews, and Jews only, in the ghetto a political one, and then Vosasha religious intolerance, starting, and thus represent an anomaly reactionary political philosophy of the twentieth century, and brings to life fossils Ages Central but old. "

Realized Hamdan early through in-depth analysis of the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the Zionist project that the "security" is the central problem of this entity foundling, and considered that the existence of Israel depends on military force and as the arsenal and the base and barracks armed, pointing out that it has and will remain - and this is understood it very well - but blood and iron and fire. And therefore at the heart of a military organization and life, and so became the army is the population and its inhabitants are the army.

Select Jamal Hamdan function for which the created world imperialism this entity foundling, in conjunction with the World Zionist Organization, which is to become the base of an integrated secure militarily, and the head of fixed bridge strategic and Under general economic, or special agent monopolistic, and in each of those represents a watershed ground tearing contact the Arab region and destroy the homogeneity and unity and prevent the sponge is not saturable absorb all its energies and resources in the chronic bleeding. "

If our heart is in the pages of the book "Jamal Hamdan .. pages of private papers," we find the case of rare insight and strategic capacity to the future, while the view to adopt some of the top of Brussels (13, December 14, 2003) the formation of a European military force separate from the NATO beginning of the collapse of the historic alliance between the United States and Western Europe, we find that Jamal Hamdan had predicted this separation for nearly 15 years, noting that "after the fall of the Soviet Union and its removal, the search for a new enemy, it was: It is Islam, we confirm that Islam outside of battle and the ring, is only a temporary scapegoat, but the real enemy appears effective from the ranks of the camp victorious with the West, it will be terrible conflict between America and Western Europe or Japan. " He adds elsewhere in the book "" The Cold War began already between the Atlantic, between Europe and America, has moved the cold war from the East - West, or communist - of capitalism, into the West itself, and in capitalists veterans especially between France and Germany in the front, Britain and America at the front counter.

Future strategic vision

This ability to anticipate the future is clear, too, in predicting Jamal Hamdan to the West seeks to create conflict alleged among civilizations in order to mobilize the greatest number of allies against the Islamic world, where he confirmed that "after the fall of communism and the demise of the Soviet Union, the Muslim world is a new candidate as an enemy the West new. and here is nothing new. What is new is that the West will be drawn successors of atheism and communism to be prescribed for a common front against the Islamic world and Islam, as the common enemy of the two, but the West will not find a hardship in this, and will not need to lure: come the Communist East's old cast himself in the camp of the West consolidated against Islam and the Muslim world ", which has already been achieved, where he put Samuel Huntington Samuel Huntington in his book The Clash of Civilizations lines of intellectual petition of the Alliance, as he pushes the neo-conservatives in the White House the midst of his battles actual in what has become known as the war on terrorism, which does not, of being a cover for all-out war on Islam.

Of the visions of the future put forward by Jamal Hamdan, seems on its way to verify, that the prophecy of the collapse of the United States, where he wrote Hamdan in the early nineties he says: "It became quite clear that the whole world and America, exchanging hatred in public, and the world who does not hide his hatred have eagerly awaited the moment of schadenfreude when the Great falls and rolls, and then America will act against the world Alcasr wounded an animal, "and before adding," "has become between the U.S. and the world," Tar bytes "America is now in a" frenzy force, "a political slogan crazy, semi-mad force, and paranoia, has recorded more than military victories, in different parts of the world through the coming years, but this will be her death rabies in the end."

Draws Hamdan to "The United States now is struggling to stay on top, but decline to her feet and walked a rigorous and public exposure has been, very close to the final slide in wait for any new competitors from the hit Europe, Germany, Japan." "It is anticipated that what was said about Germany and Japan strategic will be said about America soon, but the other way around, Germany and Japan, an economic giant and political dwarf - as has been said - while becoming America gradually into a giant political dwarf economic" and that vision seems on its way to verify - even if slowly - and evidenced by the thousands of cases of bankruptcy and recession, which suffers from the U.S. economy, compared to accelerated economic growth of the European Union, Japan, and was not a surprise that the European single currency "Euro" has achieved record levels against the U.S. dollar in a short period.

Of Orientalisms important papers included Jamal Hamdan, those relating to the return of Islam to lead again, he says, "It seems to me that the return of Islam has become a reality in more than one place, the return of Islam and the fact that very function under our very eyes," and points out that "At the same time seems to be quite different dynamics of Islam, Islam was Vkadima shrink down to the south in the forehead in the European and South African forehead, now there is a return of Islam in Europe, especially in both ends of Spain and Central Asia, in addition to the migration of Muslims to the heart of Europe" .. Even with regard Jamal Hamdan, look to the knowledge of geography, which was granted a little bit old, but the whole, we find that the form of single-class school of strategic thinking in the sequencer, mixing them in an unprecedented way between geography, which does not exceed the scope of his concept to the other location and terrain , science, history and economics and politics, to come to us a new component called "geography of life." The Hamdan in the introduction to his book encyclopedic "personal Egypt," meaning that geography explained it: "the science of Pmadtha, the art of addressing them, and the philosophy of Bnzeradtha .. and this vision three-dimensional in dealing with the phenomenon of geographical movement of world geography from the stage of knowledge to the stage of thinking, and geographical facts stacked high to the geographical ideas.

Unfortunately, after all, that Jamal Hamdan suffered ignored and forgotten for more than thirty years he spent Mnzhoya in his apartment's narrow, excavating, analyze and re-installation of the facts and axioms, and when he died tragically, came out of talking about the uncanny ability to Hamdan on a full-time research and writing away from the temptations of life , as if this was a decision to pull back and not optional isolation imposed upon him for his national solid, and the inability of intellectual institutions and Arab intellectuals to deal with ideas that were earlier years of its time.

His death

His body was found and the lower half of them burned, and I think everyone should d. Hamdan died of his burns, but d. Joseph soldier health inspector in Giza, proved in his report that the deceased did not die from asphyxiation by gas, and the burns are not the cause of his death, they have not reached the degree of causing death.

Discovered close to the d. Hamdan drafts of the disappearance of some books that were about to complete the authored, mainly writing about Judaism and Zionism, knowing that the fire that broke out in the apartment did not reach for books and papers d. Hamdan, which means the disappearance of these drafts caused by arson, and until this moment no one knows the cause of death has disappeared or where drafts of the books that she was talking about the Jews.

The dawn of former intelligence chief Amin Howeidi real surprise when, about how they died by Jamal Hamdan, Howeidi confirmed that he has proved that the Israeli Mossad is Hamdan, who was killed.

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