Zahi Hawass

D. Zahi Hawass, Secretary of State for the former Egyptian antiquities, and previously served as director of the effects of Giza. Born in Damietta in the village of Ubaydi May 28, 1947, and graduated from the Faculty of Arts, University of Alexandria.

Archaeological discoveries
Has done a lot of important discoveries, including:
     * Tombs of the workers built the pyramids.
     * Valley of the Golden Mummies.
     * Governor of Bahariya Oasis tomb and his family, the family 26


* Medal of Science and Arts of the first layer.
     * Award of pride in Egypt Astqta association of foreign correspondents in Egypt in 1998
     * Golden Shield Award from the American Academy of Achievement in 2000
     * Award this exciting new world of the Association of Egyptian scientists in the United States of America.
     * Honored by the province of Damietta, Mansoura University.
     * Was chosen by Time magazine in the list of the Top 100 figure in the world.

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