Belal Fadl

Bilal Fadl is the scriptwriter Egypt as he likes to be described the same, in spite of being a satire written in Al Masry Al Youm many articles of value, but is classified the same as always scriptwriter, born 1974, Cairo neighborhood of Tamiflu drug and lived his childhood in Alexandria, where his family lives in the neighborhood of Muharram Bey and graduated from the Faculty of Information, Cairo University Department of Journalism and was the first of his class writings varied between scenarios and stories of fiction and film and the cynical political articles, and his writings are characterized by a spirit of irony and humor. Known in the Egyptian weekly Al-Dustour in the first issue where he was secretary and editor of the newspaper took the mail page that upset the balance and in particular the e-pages of the press in general. In the second version of Al-Dustour known Besvanh called (two pens), and wrote for a weekly column in the Journal of the Egyptian Aleomouhalaa The articles have daily P Egyptian today Banmon Astabaha film touches upon some of the current events, but the flavor private and style favorite for all readers j, and the present paragraph in the program Cairo today with the presenter Amr Adib was stopped appearing in the program based on the instructions of the supreme bodies as stated by Amr Adeeb himself in a position boss and divorced. Bilal Fadl is one of the best writers in the last days cynics say it "" Ahmed Fouad Negm, "" the great poet and the increasingly popular every day because of its proximity to people and their problems

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