Mohamed Anwar Sadat

Mohamed Anwar Sadat (25 December 1918-6 October 1981), the third President of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the period from September 28, 1970 until October 6, 1981.

His Inception

His mother was a Sudanese named six Albrain married her father when he was working with the medical team, the British in Sudan, but he lived and grew up in the village of Mit Abul Kom, pointed to Sadat that the village did not put film on his mind, but it was his grandmother and his mother are two Vtantah and Satrta it, are the main reason in the formation of his character. It was Sadat is proud to be the company of his grandmother esteemed, that the grandmother that the men were standing to greet her when they are passing despite the quantity, but it has had the wisdom of the unusual, so that the families which have had problems that were going to to take Bnasianha addition to her skills in the provision of prescription for patients.

According to Sadat, his grandmother and his mother were Tgaan him stories of unusual before going to sleep, were not stories of traditional about the exploits of old wars and adventures, it was all contemporary heroes and their struggle for national independence, like the story of the poisoning of Mostafa Kamel by the British who wanted to put an end to the struggle against occupation of Egypt, Anwar Little did not know who is Mustafa Kamel, but to learn through repetition that the British are evil and call people, but there was a popular story has affected the depth of a story of Zahran, the title hero Denshoay that away from the dead Abu Kom three miles, and summarized events in that the British soldiers who were hunting pigeons in Denshoay, and ignited by a stray bullet fire in a two rewards wheat, gathered peasants to extinguish the fire, but one of the British soldiers were shot and fled, and in the battle of the next soldier was killed, and then was arrested many people and a military council arena, and quickly erected the gallows, as was the skin of some of the peasants and the Zahran is the first to hang out, and the excess of courage, walked to the gallows head held high after it decided to kill one of the assailants on his way.

And ended with the village committee for the pillows with his father's return from Sudan, where he lost his job there on the impact of the assassination of Stack Searle, and the consequent withdrawal of Egyptian forces from the region. I then moved the family consisting of father and his three wives and their children to a small house Bkopri dome in Cairo and at the age of about six years, was not his life in this tiny house comfortable as the father's income was very small, and remained Sadat suffering from poverty and difficult life that could end the high school in 1936, and in the same year was Nahhas Pasha has been concluded with Britain, the Treaty of 1936, and under this treaty allowed the Egyptian army as broad, and so it has been possible to join the military academy where he had access to them restricted to the sons of the upper class, and actually joining the Military Academy in in 1937, and these events are pushed Sadat into politics.

His life

His first life

Born in the village of Mit Abul Kom Menoufia Governorate in 1918, and received his first education in the village, book by Sheikh Abdel Hamid Issa, then go to primary school Copts Btuch Dlka and he received a certificate of first instance. In 1935 he joined the military school to complete his postgraduate studies, and graduated from the Military Academy in year 1938 a second lieutenant and was appointed in the city of Mnaqbad southern Egypt. Was influenced early in life a number of political figures and popular in Egypt and the world.

His first marriage

The marriage of a traditional offering to the Lady (Iqbal Afifi) that belong to the Turks, and were linked by a close relative with the Khedive Abbas, as was her family owns some land in the village of Mit Abul Kom, Qaliubiya also, and this is what made ​​the family Iqbal opposed to marriage Anwar Sadat her, but he after completing his military academy Sadat changed the case of marriage and was continued for ten years, and the couple had three daughters, which are hard, and the narrator, Camellia

His second marriage

He married for the second time Ms. Jehan Safwat Raouf 1951, with whom he had 3 daughters and a son they are built and forbade and Ceyhan and beauty.

The beginning of his political life

Served the British occupation of Egypt, Pal-Sadat, was also felt alienated from Egypt is governed by the royal family is not an Egyptian, so he felt ashamed of the politicians, the Egyptians are helping to establish the legitimacy of the British occupation, Wishing to be built organizations revolutionary army expelled the British occupation of Egypt, so he meetings with the officers in his room for his unit military Bmnaqbad and that in 1938, was his focus in his speeches on the British military mission and the wealth of the absolute powers and also senior officers of the army of the Egyptians and by appeals to the blind to be ordered by the British, have also seen this room the first meeting between Sadat and all of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and Khalid Mohiuddin, despite the impressive Sadat Gandhi but it was not his idol, but the veteran Turkish political Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, where Sadat that the only force by which to remove the British from Egypt and change the corrupt system and dealing with politicians corrupt , as he did in the uprooting of Ataturk's former rulers of Turkey.

But how to achieve that which is in its unity Bmnaqbad, and in early 1939 chosen by the leadership to get the band sign a school noted in Maadi is another group of them were Gamal Abdel Nasser, did not have hope to work in the Signal Corps, which was established recently in the army, where he was the most important weapons of the army in that time, and must for the existence and mode of a large entry, and in the end of the band it was a speech on behalf of his colleagues, he is prepared, and the word purposeful meaningful addition to the eloquence and ability in the dumping without the use of much of the paper is written, and that is what the attention of the Prince Lalai Alexander Fahmi Abu-Saad , and then directly has been moved to work in the Signal Corps, and was the move is an opportunity that Sadat was waiting for the widening circle of its activity through the ease of contact with all the weapons of the military, communications were at first limited to the co-arms and Age close, but soon widened the circle of contacts after the victories " Germans "Hitler in 39.40; 41 and the defeats of the English.

In the meantime been transferred Sadat as an officer reference to Marsa Matrouh, the British in the meantime they want from the Egyptian army to support them in their battle with the Germans, but the Egyptian people revolted so, forcing the Maher Prime Minister at the time the Declaration of spare Egypt the scourge of war, as approved the parliament unanimously and accordingly ordered the landing of Egyptian officers from Marsa Matrouh and so will take the English and the only defense, and that is what angered the British so they asked of all Egyptian officers surrender their weapons before they withdrew from their positions, and there were a revolution officers was their consensus not to give up their weapons at all, even if This led to the fighting with the British because such act is an insult to military, and that's what made the English army officers to respond to the Egyptians.

In the summer of 1941, Sadat by trying the first revolution in Egypt, and seemed naive to plan the revolution was the Herald, where she was that all the troops withdrawing from Marsa Matrouh will meet Hotel Mena House near the pyramids, and actually got a set Sadat own to the hotel and waited for others to catch up with them, where he was to everyone's walk to Cairo to take out the British and their collaborators from the Egyptians, after the group waited in vain Sadat, Sadat felt that the process of assembly failed and failed revolution.

Prison experience.

The days of freedom Sadat few, where the narrow English grip on Egypt, and thus on every activist Egyptian struggle for the freedom of his country, such as Anwar Sadat, and was Sadat expelled from the army and his arrest and filed a prison aliens several times, where he seized the wireless device of some German spies " against the British "in order to make use of this device to serve the cause of the struggle for the freedom of Egypt, and in prison, tried to Sadat that looking for the meaning of his life more deeply and after the past two years (1942: 1944) at the prison he escaped from it until September 1945 when abolished martial law, and thus ended his arrest and according to law, and in the escape of these changed the features and called himself Haji Muhammad, and the work in turn on the vehicle of his good friend Hassan Ezzat, and with the end of the war and the end of the work status law, the military in 1945 he returned to Sadat's the way of his natural life, when he returned to his home and his family Having spent three years homeless.

Held Sadat and his intent to kill Secretary of Osman Pasha, Minister of Finance of the Council of Ministers of copper Pasha because he was a friend of Britain, was one of the strongest pro-survival English forces in Egypt, and had a famous saying explains the relationship between Egypt and Britain, calling it a "Catholic marriage" between Egypt and Britain is no divorce in it, and the operation took place successfully on the sixth of January 1946 at the hands of Hussein, Tawfiq, was the involvement of Anwar Sadat to jail foreigners without charge him, and in the cell 54 to learn Sadat's patience and the ability to deception, which was characterized by the cell as dirty does not contain nothing but a blanket is inhuman, and is the experiences of Sadat's prisons, the biggest motivation for its tendency to destroy all these prisons after he assumed power in 1975 and said then that: "Any prison of this nature must be destroyed and replaced by another that is suitable for the human person."

Also resulted in the imprisonment of Sadat, Cairo prison cell 54 to the central thought in his personal life and political beliefs, religious, and built-Sadat in prison spiritual relationship with God; because he saw that the trend is the best thing to God, because God will never forsake him. During his imprisonment the Palestine War in mid-1948, which affected much of himself when he felt helpless total is between four walls when the flag of victory is certain for the Arabs to not hold the truce held by King Abdullah of Jordan at the time, and that saved by the neck of Israel and in agreement with the English, and in August 1948 was acquitted of killing Sadat Secretary Osman was released, then stayed in the Sadat Pension Helwan to be able to cure his stomach from the effects of prison Helwan mineral water.

In 1941 he entered prison for the first time during his military service, following his meetings repeated loved Pasha, the Egyptian who asked him to help him to escape to Iraq, then asked him to military intelligence break with Masri for his tastes pivotal but he did not care about this warning went on after the imprisonment of foreigners in February 1942. Has emerged from the prison of aliens in time when the operations of the Second World War at its peak, and the hope of the British out of Egypt stepped up its contacts with some German officers who took Egypt the British discovered this hidden link with the Germans entered the prison inmates for the second time in 1943. But managed to escape from prison, and was accompanied on the trip to escape his friend Hassan Ezzat. And worked during the period of his escape from prison as a porter on the truck under an assumed name is Haj Mohammad. In late 1944 moved to the town of Abu Kabir Eastern Region to serve as an active player in canal irrigation project. In 1945 With the end of World War II fell martial law, martial law and the fall he returned to his home after three years of stalking and deprivation.

He was met at the time the association decided to covert assassination of Amin Othman, Minister of Finance in the government delegation and the Chairman of the Egyptian Friendship Society - Britain's deep sympathy with the English. Following the assassination of Amin Osman returned again to prison and final. He has faced the most difficult in a prison Qurmadan tribulations of his imprisonment in solitary confinement in prison, but he escaped the first defendant in the case of Hussein, Tawfiq.
And not of evidence of criminal charge him Vofarag fell for it


After the death of President Gamal Abdel Nasser in the September 28, 1970 and as Vice-President became President of the Republic. Was taken in May 15th, 1971 a firm decision on the Elimination of the centers of power in Egypt, the so-called revolution of the patch, and in the same year passed a new constitution for Egypt.

And he in 1972 moved away from the nearly 17,000 Russian expert in one week in a strategic error cost Egypt a lot, as the Soviets were the center of great support to the Egyptian army and the pilots the Soviets defending the skies of Egypt, which was the Israeli air humorous them as he pleases, has enabled these experts Egypt from building air defense missile system, but Sadat tried to get close to the oldest American on such a step [citation needed]. While many believe that Sadat ventured to this abandonment of the steps was the October War, Sadat wanted where not attributed the victory to the Soviets.
As well as the most important reasons that made him submit to this step is that the Soviet Union wanted to provide Egypt with weapons provided they do not use except by him. Answered them, where Sadat word: (unfortunately) do not accept the imposition of a resolution on Egypt, but my decision and the decision of the Egyptian people. The oldest fateful decision to take him to Egypt, the decision for war against Israel that began in October 6, 1973 when the Army managed to break the Bar Lev Line, transit the Suez Canal, Egypt drove to the first military victory over Israel.

His Assassination

On 6 October the same year (after 31 days of the Declaration of the decisions of arrest), was assassinated in a military parade was held on the anniversary of the October War, and has led the assassination, Khalid al of the Organization of Islamic Jihad, which was strongly opposed to the peace agreement with Israel has fallen short of its campaign repression organized by the government in September.

His successor in the presidency, Vice President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak.

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