Muhammad Abduh " Egyptian Islamic"

Mohammed Abdo (1849 - 1905) was a jurist and religion of a Muslim and a renewed Egyptian, is a renewal symbols in Islamic jurisprudence and advocates of the Renaissance and Reform in the Arab and Muslim world, contributed after confluence by Professor Jamal al-Afghani in the establishment of an Islamic intellectual movement innovative in the late century the nineteenth and early twentieth century, aimed at eliminating the intellectual and cultural stagnation 
and revitalize the Islamic nation to cope with the requirements of the age.

 His Life
              Born Mohamed Bin Abdu Bin Hassan Khairallah the year 1849 in the village of Nasr locality Hbrakhitt Center in Lake County father and an Egyptian mother Turkman belong to the tribe of Bani Udai Arabic. He studied at the Tanta to be completed thirteen, where he joined the Ahmadi mosque.

His Education
                         In 1866 he joined the Al-Azhar Mosque, and in 1877 earned a global certificate.     

His Career
                 In the year 1879, he worked as a teacher of history at the School of Darul Uloom in 1882.

Joining Politics
                          Joined Ahmed Orabi revolution against the British, although it stop them skeptical attitude in the beginning because he was the owner of a reform drive rejects the collision, but he participated in the end, after the failure of the revolution he was sentenced and then exile to Beirut for three years, and traveled at the invitation of his teacher Jamaluddin Afghan to Paris in 1884, and founded the newspaper the most trustworthy handhold, and in 1885 he left Paris to Beirut, and in the same year founded the secret society with the same name, the most trustworthy handhold.  

Cultural Effect
                           The "Imam Mohammed Abdu," one of the leading innovators in Islamic jurisprudence in modern times, and one of the advocates of reform and the flags of the Islamic Renaissance modern Arabic; it has contributed his knowledge and awareness and diligence in the liberation of the Arab mind of the deadlock that has become for many centuries, also participated in the awakening consciousness of the nation towards freedom national and sent, and the revival of jurisprudence to keep pace with the rapid developments in science, and to keep pace with the movement of society and its development in the various political, economic and cultural aspects. It has been influenced by many of the leading the Renaissance such as Abdelhamid Ben Badis and Muhammad Rashid Rida Abdul Rahman Kawakbi.

The Independence of The Position of The Advisory
                                                                                        Released a high order of Sunni brilliance on June 3, 1899, his image. The virtue of the presence of Sheikh Mohammed Abdo, Mufti of Egypt: Based on what confided in Houdrtkm of Alamah and Kamal Aldraaah, have dealt to your covenant function Fatwa Mufti of Egypt, and issued ordered this hereby for information, and carry out the functions of this post has been notified Basha Prime Principals Council so

His Death
                  At 5:00 Pm of July 11 in 1905 Sheikh in Alexandria died after suffering from cancer for fifty-six years old, and was buried in Cairo and Laments him many poets.

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