Sidqi Subhi

Sidqi Subhi al-Sayed (born 1956) is the current Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces. Appointed by President Mohamed Morsi Chief of Staff, succeeding Sami Annan team in August 12, 2012. Major Sidqi Sobhi, is one of the sons of the Third Army Field Suez, and at the age of 56 years, and who was in the beginning commander of Task Force 19 Army Third, a known tournaments during the October War in 73, also served as Chief Operating Army Third Field, then commander third Army field took command of the third army Almidny in 2009, succeeding General Mohamed Saber Attia, who took over as head of Hih operations of the armed forces has been promoted to the rank of Major General in 2007 and issued a decision of President Mohamed Morsi promotion to the rank of the team on 12/08/2012 to be the chief of staff of war Egyptian armed forces, succeeding Sami Annan team. [1]

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