Salah El-Saadani

Salah El-Saadani (October 23, 1943 -), Egyptian actor. He holds a Bachelor of Agriculture. Is of rural origin, as it is cynical journalist's brother, Mahmoud Al-Saadani. Entered the field of technical study with fellow artist Adel Imam, and together, for example theater college, he worked in many movies and TV series and theater, but he did not shine in film and television work. Adurah of the most important role of the Mayor Ghanem Sulaiman in the series of nights with papillary Yahya Fakharani and Safia Omari.

His films

Wife without a man.
The ground.
Demons of the night.
The bullet is still in my pocket.
A song on the corridor.
Love and the price.
Susie sells love.
Behind the walls of the university.
For his time.
Tower tanneries.
Recognition of the latter.
Without better marriage.
Thus days.
Apartment in the center of the country.
Night Bird sad.
Beware we are insane.
Mademoiselle O account.
Your wisdom, O Lord.
The beast in man.
School love with Elham Shaheen and Maha Abu Ouf.
Satan sings.
Issue with Ahmed.
File in the literature.
The sixth day.
Fawzia bourgeois
Bully poor people.
I'm earning.
They are killing the honorable.
Hatem Zahran time.
Tyranny of a woman.
For lack of evidence.
Staff in the ground.
A very difficult task.
Children of the assets.
Night and traitors.
The path of dread.
Below zero.
Girls in trouble.
Hhatan and nobles.
Why you low.
Small dreams.
Concerto in the path of happiness.
Why you pyramid.

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