Gamal El-Ghitani

Jamal Ahmed Al-Ghitani (May 9, 1945 -) is a novelist and journalist and editor of the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar Egyptian literature. His project novelist Fred was inspired by the heritage of the Egyptian Arab create a world novelist surprising is today one of the most testing feature mature has played influenced by his friend and mentor, writer Naguib Mahfouz, a key role for reaching this stage with the briefing Encyclopedic on ancient literature and contributed to the revival of many of the Arabic texts forgotten and re-discovery of literature the old Arab contemporary look serious.

Opened up his experience of art in recent years on the television work while maintaining the same features that we find in the novel as it unveiled another world of architecture lives among us and the people. Ghitani is one of the most famous Arab writers on the Internet for the majority of his novels and collections of short stories available in digital versions easily exchange added a new dimension to this author, who combined profound originality and modernity informed consent

Jamal was born in Juhayna, a village in the province of Sohag in Upper Egypt, where he received his primary education at the School of Abdul Rahman Katkhoda, and completed in the elementary school aesthetic. In 1959 ended the prep school of Muhammad Ali prep, and then joined the School of Arts and Trades Abbassiya.

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