Elham Shahin

I got a bachelor's degree from the Institute of Performing Arts Department of representation in 1982. Began her career when given the director Kamal Yassin fairy in the play of Mars. Began life Elham Shahin film in the eighties in the movie (mothers-in-exile) in 1981 and then (shame) in 1982, which was the beginning of the real and the beginning of public knowledge, and the period of the eighties is the period of the most popular of Elham Shahin, where provided, during which 33 entries, including "Alsjantan" and " Days of Wrath "and" blood grove "and the more years of prosperity and elegance in 1986 and 1987 where made during the year 1986, only 10 films in 1987 and made 8 films, and" Waldeyer stone "and" Bitter Love "in 1992. Total of about 74 films, including films of income girls, fun market, Octopus, Women Without experience, desire, etc. ..

Provided important Shaheen number of TV's new television, including: (brother of the girls), and (he said the sea) and (so as not to choke on love) and (s papillary) (half of the spring the other) and (prairies and Hamoul) and (Taoist) and (forgive me Makins I mean (f) girls my thoughts).

Elham Shaheen received numerous awards for Egyptian and international films such as (O, O minimum Grammy) and film (Gantl).

Married to a tourist expert Adel Hosni, who agreed to be infallible in her hand to leave him and then married a wealthy Lebanese to leave him after a big problematic.

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